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Over 25 years experience!

Insured & Licensed
TECL# 20297 TESC #18724


He does very high quality work and believes you should do it right the first time.

“Gary is good, honest, hard-working, dependable and down-to-earth. All of our customers enjoyed dealing with him and his staff. Gary was very friendly and always took time to explain things to them. He was good to everyone.

 “Gary was always dependable and always showed up when he was supposed to. That’s always the hardest thing with subcontractors. We never had to worry about leaving him to talk with homeowners. He knew what we expected.”

TLK Construction – Custom Home Builders

Gary provided excellent recommendations and improvements during the construction.

“Gary provided excellent work and service.  His bid was competitive and the final price was as expected.  I did not have any surprises.

“Gary provided excellent recommendations and improvements during the construction.  I felt that he had my best interest in mind and was honest with me during the process.  His follow-up service is excellent.”

Mike Thorson – Homeowner, New Construction

He is knowledgeable and eager to do work, no matter how small the project.

“Gary was very prompt when I called him.  Always super-friendly who became a good friend, too.  

“Gary is very personable and I also noticed how encouraging and respectful he was to his apprentices, demonstrating an eagerness to teach them the business.”

Kim Bunson – Homeowner

Should we have a need in the future for additional electrical work, Gary would definitely be the man we want for the job.

“From beginning to end, Gary was true to his word, his estimate for labor and material was very inclusive and fair, he and his crew were dependable and efficient, and he was always willing to take as much time as we needed to discuss the house.”

Jack and Diane Franks – Homeowners, New Construction

I found him very dependable and a good listener.

“Gary did all the electrical for our large remodel. He was easy to talk to and did a great job on our house.”

Audrey Curry – Homeowner, Large Scale Remodel

References we contacted found his work and work ethics to be excellent.

“Gary and his employees did an outstanding job for us throughout the building process.  Gary was extra helpful during the preliminary walk-through in suggesting appropriate wiring that we hadn’t thought of to ensure that we would be happy with the outcome since we had not built a home before.”

Chuck and Cathy Tennant – Homeowners, New Construction